Take The Delectablz Kitchen Quiz…

Does the thought of "what's for dinner?" make you want to run screaming from the grocery store?

Does your kitchen include meals from a box, frozen foods and packaged desserts

Before Delectablz

Before Delectablz

Is it a challenge to get your family to eat their vegetables?

Do you want to try a new seafood recipe, but aren't sure how to buy the freshest fish?

Have you ever struggled with how to use a cut of meat or the proper method of cooking it?

Or, at your favorite restaurant, do you think, “Why can't I make that at home?" 

…Feel at home in our kitchen. We'll teach you how!


Let's get cooking!


…for the freshest ingredients, (you can see why here). We will introduce you to new ingredients and increase your knowledge of familiar ones. With our galleries of "head shots," illustrating how they should look, you will be able go to your favorite market (find one here) and chose them on your own with confidence.

After Delectablz

After Delectablz


…with authority. Utilizing our visual demonstrations, you will learn how to combine and substitute ingredients with a full palette of interchangeable flavors. Add in proper cooking methods and creating flavorful meals becomes a snap.


…and you shall receive. Whether you have a question about buying or using an ingredient, or you're in the middle of cooking a recipe and something's not right, or you just need reassurance.  Trust us, or even test us and AskDelectablz.


...there's something new in our kitchen. It's Cooking Classes To Go! The first class will be opening soon.

Below are categories of ingredients grouped much like your local grocery store. Click on a word to view information about buying, prepping and cooking.